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Everything you ever wanted to know about

And everything else

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A community for news (political, technical, scatological, etc.), commentary, unasked-for-opinions, hare-brained schemes, shocking proposals . . . things that interest you or people like you.

Also for the hopeless self-aggrandizement of the moderator(s).

halokidz news service is a service of foosthole unltd., and as such should not be construed as anything at all. any or all claims made by halokidz are claims, and shall be considered as such when considered. any news or other items found in halokidz are items of news or other information.

aborting, architectural anarchism, bio-implantable dogma, captive ambience, cellular genius, charming keepsakes, chiromancy, chiropracty, coke dealing in indonesia, confusion, culinary design, cybermemetics, deep desires, descriptive verbs, drowning puppies, everyone's favorite comedian, finality, foreign cunnilinguistics, foreign nationals, fragments of hologram roses, futurism, hojas de yerba, implausible theories, impractical phrasology, infonesian citizenship, jabal, jabaoth, jabaz, joy, morocco's finest, passport collections, permanence in decay, pirate liberation, postarchy, quality, quantity, quasi-legality, rebooting, recursive self-reference, release, reseting, rumsfeld's cheerleader fantasies, silent rapture, tension, the whole shebang, tremendous delerium, twenty-three plus twenty-three, unhealthy desires, vacuum technology, well-lit changing rooms, why nothing smells right, you, your own personal jebus