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Some seriously cheap-assed book-binding machines.

Fastback Binding Systems by Powis Parker, Inc. allow libraries, schools, and copy shops to profitably print and bind single or multiple copies of books on-demand. At prices ranging from $1,395 to $4,295 these compact machines, the size of desktop printers, are easily affordable. The systems support tape binding, perfect binding (paperback) and case binding (hardback) books and documents of up to 350 sheets (700 pages).
-courtesy Ray Matthews at RSS in the Government

At prices from $1,395 to $4,295 dollars, and glue strips from 28 cents or so, these fuckers could allow some truly independent basement publishing houses. Like the Xerox revolution again, only so so sooo much better.

I'm still kinda holding out for electronic paper. Then we could even get around the publishers.

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