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All chat and a bag of thips

I'm not even going to link to whatever the hell this Madrid bombing is about. Simply :

  • Something like 185 confirmed kills by 1:30 PM EST. Maybe more to come.
  • Government immediately blames Basque seperatists 'ETA.' Basque-types disavow attack, suspect Arab agents. <sigh> If the Basques did it wouldn't they want credit? What exactly happened to the days when terrorists always claimed their hits?
  • Can't decide if the US is going to flatly ignore the whole thing, or if we'll use this as an excuse to nail somebody else. Probably depends on whether or not the Spanish Gimme can be convinced to blame somebody Arabic . . .

Pig meat might not just be pig meat.

VANCOUVER — Meat for public consumption from the pig farm of accused serial killer Robert William Pickton may have contained human remains, police and health officials say. "There is the potential that some meat that was produced and perhaps packaged on the farm may have been cross-contaminated with human DNA," RCMP Corporal Cate Galliford of the missing women's task force told reporters last night.
-courtesy the Toronto Star
Here's the real money, though : "Galliford refused to use the word remains, instead referring to DNA." I'd attribute this to diepunyhumans, but charmingmonstrs lobbed it over to stonemirror first.

This was all diepunyhumans, though. Swap two jellyfish genes into an African butterfly and get a glowing butterfly. Environmental hazards be damned, I'd kinda like to see this one get loose.

amp23 has got the scoop on George Michael. Poor guy wants to be less famous, so he's going to be releasing future material for free online. I think amp23's right when he says this probably won't make Michael much less famous, but I'm in favour all around. And it'll definitely make Lars Ulrich look a little sillier.

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