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We're back . . .

Karl Rove has even admitted that he outed Valerie Plame, though he says he only did it once the info had been released in a newspaper. As amp23 says :

Even if he did wait until after Novak's column, does someone else committing a felony give you license to also commit a felony? If Novak successfully imported 30 pounds of cocaine into the US, would it be then ok for Rove to also import 30 pounds of cocaine? The law is fairly clear. Revealing the identity of a CIA agent to anyone without the clearance for such information is a crime that puts lives in danger.

Thanx to m'man notalec we've got a pic of Charlize Theron smoking something out of an apple.

[11:23] notaleclively: once again
[11:23] notaleclively: we lead
[11:23] Allexx23: and they follow

If you've never tried this I really do recommend it.

The good DoktorProfessor RGB PAL-Secam, in his pursuit of all that fucking rocks, has discovered German bagpipe pirate metal. It might be RealMedia, but it's worth it.

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