There's probably a lot of baggage to consider (eianorange) wrote in halokidz,
There's probably a lot of baggage to consider


oh, i can post here? do i have to talk about willz? ooh, can i say fuctup shit about 'im? like he eats moose dung for breakfast with maple syrup smothered ontop? what should a halokid post about here, praytell?
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Can you post here? Yes, you can!

Generally this was intended to centralize my extended friends list's pass-alongs and news postings. But I've been a bit slack on pass-alongs the last few days, and there's only six of us here. So you should post "at your own discretion" and with intent to generate discussion, or at least raised eyebrows.

You should not talk about my moose dung eating habits, though. This is an
arena for serious journalism, not any of that tabloid-worthy
Nightline shit.

"How much shit would a halokid post if the shit a halokid could post would
post shit, kid?"