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[20 May 2004|08:40pm]

[ mood | incredulous ]

Military dodger Dennis Hastert lectures ex-POW McCain on "the sacrifices of war"..

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Hear ye, all Christian soldiers [02 Apr 2004|03:27pm]

[ mood | oh my fucking god ]

This may be one of the best things ever :

"An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden: By Chevalier James R. Reese, Grand Prior of the United States

. . . This Knight Templar calls you a craven coward and an infidel. He calls you a murderer of the innocent, and a defiler of holy places. He calls you the favorite son of Satan, for you above all men on the earth have done your best to do Satan's bidding . . . I challenge you to meet me with scimitar or sword, to be pitted against myself and a holy sword consecrated to our Order-a sword that was forged to destroy evil. Here's the deal: if I win, Al Qaeda is disbanded-forever. If you win, then you can set the head of a Knight Templar on a pike outside your tent, and you can claim that you slew the chief of all Crusaders in the United States."
-courtesy the Pakistan Christian Post

Swear to fucking god. This, as well as the recent articles re: the erosion of the fourth amendment, both found by Lars of the Bells, Four of the Last Five Kings of Sweden.

And, in case anyone missed it back on April 1st, Google is looking for staffers for their lunar facility.

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"Don't fight the law," subtitled "Guess who wins?" [30 Mar 2004|01:46pm]

[ mood | time for go to work ]

Here and here we have articles on the Fifth Circuit Court's recent ruling that pretty much tosses Ye Olde Fourth Amendment, from that antiquated oh-so-pansy humanist document the Bill of Rights, straight out the damn window (at least for Texas, Louisiana, and Mississipi).

"The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled police do not need an arrest or search warrant to conduct a swift sweep of private property to ensure their safety.

Evidence found in that search is admissible if the search is a "cursory inspection" and if police entered for a legitimate purpose and believed it may be dangerous."
-courtesy the Houston Chronicle
And if this gets challenged in the Supreme Court this could become Federal, kids.

While we're at it let's say you mention this to someone and they tell you you're being paranoid. That no law officer would ever use a noise complaint to search your pad and score an otherwise petty and inadmissable bust. You might counter with an argument by precedent, specifically that PATRIOT, guaranteed by Ashcroft to be strictly for "dem foreigners," has gradually become an alternative to Constitutionally protected rights.

"'If a tool that is legal and constitutionally valid is good enough to use against organized crime or drug dealers, it ought to be good enough to be used against terrorism,' said Justice Department spokesman Mark Corallo. 'Conversely, if it's good enough to be used against terrorists, it ought to be used against other kinds of criminals.'"
-thanks to a repost of a pretty good Sacramento Bee article

Yeah. I'm fucking over reacting, just a little bit. Cause I definitely can't imagine a cop calling in an anonymous noise complaint to help out a brother officer.

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[14 Mar 2004|01:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Possible tenth planet found out past Pluto. NASA to comment on Monday.

SCIENTISTS have found a new world orbiting the solar system – more than 3 billion kilometres further away from the Sun than Pluto and 40 years away from Earth in a space shuttle. It is provisionally known as Sedna, after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

Wisconsin wants in on that MATRIX shit from way back. So at least we know it's still going.

The head of Wisconsin's division of criminal investigation, James R. Warren, signed on to join the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, or Matrix, on Feb. 11, said Tom Berlinger, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which runs the program.

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goddamyesfuckingright [12 Mar 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | gahd ]

Some seriously cheap-assed book-binding machines.

Fastback Binding Systems by Powis Parker, Inc. allow libraries, schools, and copy shops to profitably print and bind single or multiple copies of books on-demand. At prices ranging from $1,395 to $4,295 these compact machines, the size of desktop printers, are easily affordable. The systems support tape binding, perfect binding (paperback) and case binding (hardback) books and documents of up to 350 sheets (700 pages).
-courtesy Ray Matthews at RSS in the Government

At prices from $1,395 to $4,295 dollars, and glue strips from 28 cents or so, these fuckers could allow some truly independent basement publishing houses. Like the Xerox revolution again, only so so sooo much better.

I'm still kinda holding out for electronic paper. Then we could even get around the publishers.

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[11 Mar 2004|11:28am]

[ mood | time for go to work ]

halokidz info updated. Just so ya' know.

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All chat and a bag of thips [11 Mar 2004|10:37am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm not even going to link to whatever the hell this Madrid bombing is about. Simply :

  • Something like 185 confirmed kills by 1:30 PM EST. Maybe more to come.
  • Government immediately blames Basque seperatists 'ETA.' Basque-types disavow attack, suspect Arab agents. <sigh> If the Basques did it wouldn't they want credit? What exactly happened to the days when terrorists always claimed their hits?
  • Can't decide if the US is going to flatly ignore the whole thing, or if we'll use this as an excuse to nail somebody else. Probably depends on whether or not the Spanish Gimme can be convinced to blame somebody Arabic . . .

Pig meat might not just be pig meat.

VANCOUVER — Meat for public consumption from the pig farm of accused serial killer Robert William Pickton may have contained human remains, police and health officials say. "There is the potential that some meat that was produced and perhaps packaged on the farm may have been cross-contaminated with human DNA," RCMP Corporal Cate Galliford of the missing women's task force told reporters last night.
-courtesy the Toronto Star
Here's the real money, though : "Galliford refused to use the word remains, instead referring to DNA." I'd attribute this to diepunyhumans, but charmingmonstrs lobbed it over to stonemirror first.

This was all diepunyhumans, though. Swap two jellyfish genes into an African butterfly and get a glowing butterfly. Environmental hazards be damned, I'd kinda like to see this one get loose.

amp23 has got the scoop on George Michael. Poor guy wants to be less famous, so he's going to be releasing future material for free online. I think amp23's right when he says this probably won't make Michael much less famous, but I'm in favour all around. And it'll definitely make Lars Ulrich look a little sillier.

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We're back . . . [10 Mar 2004|09:52am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Karl Rove has even admitted that he outed Valerie Plame, though he says he only did it once the info had been released in a newspaper. As amp23 says :

Even if he did wait until after Novak's column, does someone else committing a felony give you license to also commit a felony? If Novak successfully imported 30 pounds of cocaine into the US, would it be then ok for Rove to also import 30 pounds of cocaine? The law is fairly clear. Revealing the identity of a CIA agent to anyone without the clearance for such information is a crime that puts lives in danger.

Thanx to m'man notalec we've got a pic of Charlize Theron smoking something out of an apple.

[11:23] notaleclively: once again
[11:23] notaleclively: we lead
[11:23] Allexx23: and they follow

If you've never tried this I really do recommend it.

The good DoktorProfessor RGB PAL-Secam, in his pursuit of all that fucking rocks, has discovered German bagpipe pirate metal. It might be RealMedia, but it's worth it.

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[24 Feb 2004|06:14pm]

[ mood | mrbly ]

What a day. volare mentions that the Education Secretary of the United states National Education Association a bunch of terrorists. So I guess I'm not really paranoid.

And amp23 points us to this bit about Vladimir Putin, the "Iron Man" of Russia, firing his whole damn government. Love him, hate him, the dude's still got ten pound nuts.

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Important update from my man in Mexico [23 Jan 2004|09:36am]

[ mood | barely awake ]

Want to help the economy? Eat ribs. Fucker.

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Here we go again [22 Jan 2004|11:06pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

AFA "poll", redux

...or is it reflux, that page makes me want to vomit.
a lot.

I kept poking at it, hoping it would turn out to be a well-crafted hoax much like LandoverBaptist...

stomp the fuck out of 'em, people.

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[22 Jan 2004|01:20pm]

since I haven't yet been approved to join infojunkies, I thought I'd share this here:

You may recall that a few months ago that the conservative Christian anti-gay group American Family Association set up a web poll asking it's consitituents what they thought of gay marriage. They planned on sending the results to congress to show that America hates gay marriage.

Well, you may also recall that the link to that poll was promptly sent to many blogs on LiveJournal and beyond. Wired magazine has just put out this article describing the fate of the poll.
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[22 Jan 2004|10:52am]

[ mood | whooo-hoooo ]

Here's an interesting thought : our primary ally in the Great Iraqi Adventure is not the U.K., but instead the private sector.

"While the official coalition figures list the British as the second largest contingent with around 9,900 troops, they are narrowly outnumbered by the 10,000 private military contractors now on the ground . . . In Israel, a US company supplies the security for American diplomats, a very risky business. In Colombia, a US company flies the planes destroying the coca plantations and the helicopter gunships protecting them, in what some would characterise as a small undeclared war.
Meaningless geek sidenote : the CIA is technically a private organization contracted to the Gimme, 'jes like the Federal Reserve, and it's been known to set up front companies for any number of its activities.
It is a trend that has been growing worldwide since the end of the cold war, a booming business which entails replacing soldiers wherever possible with highly paid civilians and hired guns not subject to standard military disciplinary procedures . . .
The "standard military disciplinary procedures" bit seems like the key phrase there. I'm just trying to figure out when we stopped calling them "mercenaries" and started calling them "contractors."
-link via statusjones in guerrillanews

In slightly more uplifting news georgedorn and our own volare both caught that the AFA gay marriage poll closed out at about 2-1 in favor of some sort of legal gay unions. Commenting on this tremendous turn-around was the AFA's Buddy Smith :

"It just so happens that homosexual activist groups around the country got a hold of the poll -- it was forwarded to them -- and they decided to have a little fun, and turn their organizations around the country (onto) the poll to try to cause it to represent something other than what we wanted it to."
I can't decide if that's brutally bigoted or charmingly naive. As a rebuttal of sorts :
"I think it's pretty cool," said [blogger Gabe Anderson]. "It's empowering that the Internet can have this kind of effect. As an individual, your first reaction is, 'I don't know if I can make a difference.' This is a good example of helping people who are historically apathetic (to say), 'Maybe my vote will matter, too.'"
Now we've just got to start explaining results like these to Washington. At least the bit about poll results not being worth the toilet paper they're written on.

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[22 Jan 2004|01:05am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Y'all in infojunkies yet? Cause you're missing the good stuff : agentrelaxed points us to a nice little article about Bush's prime constituency holding the national title for divorce rates.

. . .Baptists (29 percent) and nondenominational Christians (34 percent) getting divorced more frequently than do atheists/agnostics (21 percent) . . . "Divorce rates among conservative Christians were much higher than for other faith groups," Barna says flatly.

A musical interlude : stonemirror points us to Dean's War Cry(Kitten Killer Remix), which delivers about what you'd expect from a minute of humour-techno. At least the guy's putting on a good show while he helps ultimately discredit the moderate left wing . . .

Recently a man was apparently killed by smoking over 2,200 joints a year. This is the first reported case of "cannabis toxicity" to my knowledge. Now, the details are slim and explanations currently non-existent, but we'll take it as a working theory that cannabis is at least five times more toxic than cigarettes, since I smoked somewhere between seven and ten thousand of those each year since I was sixteen. So it's in no way suspicious that the British Medical Association suddenly decides to raise hell about Britain's upcoming decriminalization of the reefer. Me and my conspiracy theories . . .

majormarsupial is older now. He also wants an explanation for this. I think the answer's obvious. Conversely, should you desire an explanation of Freemasonry you can check out this 'game' about the secrets of masonry. Site also has some sweet masonic/esoteric links, including Pike's "Morals and Dogma."

It'd be very the leceh, but I'd like to see more of our ah beng ah seng pick up Singlish as day-to-day talkingcock. Looksee-looksee, leh?

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[20 Jan 2004|03:05am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

In another life Jack Chick might not be pushing the Xian lifestyle so hard. Instead maybe he'd go after other introverted, image obsessed fringe lifestyles.

This is just silly, and only funny if you know of Warren Ellis, badass behind diepunyhumans, mistersleepless and the comic Transmetropolitan. And, while you're checking out Ellis stuff, take his suggestion and check out M83. They may be French, their site might be annoyingly in your face, but if you like some crunchy synthy stuff (think Air and Godspeed You Black Emperor!) then you should check them out.

But this is the money shot kids. Thanx to georgedorn we have access to an online Apple ][ emulator. Yes, online, and Windows only. No Macs, apparently. This is just cool as fuck. It's got Airball 'fer crying out loud.


Just so's y'all's fairly warned, I done plugged the halokidznewsservice into halo.vip130.org as another inline frame. So's you know. You're on da' TV!

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Testing the limits of usefullness [18 Jan 2004|08:26pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

An inspired rant by autodidactic about the uselessness of a representative system of government.

The whole idea of representational government was so that people wouldn't have to get educated about the piddling little details and minutae that go with running a country. The politician is the middle man between us and, uhm, the way we want to live . . .
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=o [17 Jan 2004|02:53am]

oh, i can post here? do i have to talk about willz? ooh, can i say fuctup shit about 'im? like he eats moose dung for breakfast with maple syrup smothered ontop? what should a halokid post about here, praytell?
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[12 Jan 2004|03:38am]

Courtesy bibble, edited G.I. Joe safety cartoons.

"Who wants a body massage?"
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[11 Jan 2004|10:16am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

metaphorge both proves that Salon still has a good article or two, and links to one of those articles. Short blurb-y piece on a guy who's been attaching computer bits to his body for something like fifteen years. This character, Steve Mann "spends hours every day viewing the world through that little monitor in front of his eye -- so much so that going without the apparatus often leaves him feeling nauseous, unsteady, naked."

On top of "glogging," rather than blogging, the guy apparently exhibits some of that techno-paranoia that's been geek-chic since before X-Files turned bunk :

In more everyday language, Mann advocates "using a bit of the machine against itself."

For example, Mann has created performance art by shooting video in stores that prohibit it, using handheld cameras more noticeable than the "EyeTap" ocular computing system he normally wears. When employees tell him filming is not allowed, Mann points to the stores' own surveillance cameras behind darkened domes in the ceiling.

Then he tells the employees that "HIS manager" makes him film public places for HIS security -- how does he know, he tells them, that the fire exits aren't chained shut? -- and that they'll have to talk to HIS manager.

All I know is the fucker beat me to it.
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More about unemployment . . . [09 Jan 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | bored ]

. . . as well as inflation and the decreasing American standard of living, over here in vyoma's journal. Thnx to plutopsyche.

And, in other news : I'm still getting my shit together as far as this comm goes. If anybody's feeling meddle-y and/or has some good ideas for a journal layout holler at me and get co-mod'd.

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